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Skaloma Beach



We present you a truly unique house renovated in 2018! It's independent and it's surrounded by half an acre of private land with gardens. It's just one minute walk from Skaloma beach which is the best beach in Nafpaktos with crystal clear waters and lovely sand. It will take you 15 minute's drive from Nafpaktos to reach skaloma beach. You can rest and enjoy the tranquility of this place! Lots of places to visit like the sacred sanctuary of Delphi, evinos river and around 15 beautiful beaches.



This house is a 130m2 villa just a few meters away from the beach. You can easily walk to the beach and to various beach bars and ouzo taverns . You actually do not need to use your car not only because you can walk to the beach but in addition we have arranged to deliver fresh traditional food to this house whenever you need it !
This is a two storey house. On the 1st floor you will find two bedrooms each one with its own bathroom. The master bedroom has a balcony looking at our back garden.



Home made jams and other local products from our garden will be offered

Free Wifi

​I'It broadcasts on 2.4gHz band. Internet is considered high-speed up  to 12 mbps.



Small but simple easy to walk to .

Feel free to sit between trees on the grass and enjoy the tranquility

Daily or weekly  Housekeeping

You choose, we deliver the best service you can imagine


Our Swimming pool will be ready in 2020

In-Room Dining Service

You can order food every evening during summer






George is a good friend and he specializes in outdoor activities such as river rafting canoe kayak and excursions on the surrounding mountains.

Just give him a call , you will have a wonderful time !!

More info:

Leisure Activities

A car trip to the mountain villages or Nafpaktos spreading over a magical land of forests , rivers and over 25 small traditional villages will give your camera and your eyes an experience you will never forget.

Oracle of Delphi

In Delphi the harmony that bound men and their gods is still apparent. Photographs cannot do justice to the grandeur and serenity of the setting. Nor can words express the emotions that this holy place provokes. The eagles, dispatched by Zeus to find the centre of the earth, met here, at Delphi. This is where the god Apollo founded his sanctuary when he killed the dragon Python. The most renowned oracle in ancient times was located in this corner of Central Greece

The Delphic landscape, a Unesco World Heritage Monument since 1972, and the archaeological site are a gift from Greece to humanity. Here you will bow to what men and nature made together, a creation beyond place and time. You’ll discover your deeper self, as the power of human potential and divine energy resonate in you. And you will leave with prophecies of your own.


Skaloma beach 50m from our villa is ideal for diving and swimming  with clear waters and plenty of fish!

Trizonia island

Yes we have an island near our house. It’s fun to visit just to have an experience if living on a small peace of land with no cars!

There are a couple of nice taverns and a small beach to swim!

TEL 2266071229

Map :

Nafpaktos Museums

There are plenty of hostorical sites to visit in Nafpaktos like the Venetian castle and many museums as well.  We do have info about all these in our villa so you will always have something interesting to do during your vacation!


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